iSafeguard Taking Control of Your Data!

Using powerful encryption, digital signature, and a distributed access control system, iSafeguard™ enables data owners to:

Back Up Files Securely,

Share Files Securely, and

Sync Files Securely.

Files and metadata are end-to-end encrypted - only the owners and the intended recipients have access.

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Getting Started

iSafeguard™ is a powerful, yet easy to use software that helps you take control of your data. Click the button below to download and install iSafeguard™. It is FREE for personal use!

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Using iSafeguard

Using powerful encryption, digital signature and distributed access control technologies iSafeguard gives you, the data owner, complete control of your data. To learn how to use iSafeguard click the button below.

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Looking for Old Versions?

Visit where you can find older versions of iSafeguard.