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The software update URL in current release has been changed. If you have installed version v8.1.5 or earlier version, you need to uninstall that version first, and then download and install current version.

If you are running Windows 10, you can get it from Windows Store by clicking the image below.

Get it from Microsoft

Portable version of the software is also available, click here to learn more.

System Requirements

To run iSafeguard the following requirements must be met:

Release History

iSafeguard v8.2.2 - Current Release

iSafeguard v8.2.1

iSafeguard v8.2

iSafeguard v8.1.5

iSafeguard v8.1.3

iSafeguard v8.1.2

iSafeguard v8.1.1

Note: if you have used the software before release v8.1 you still need Microsoft Sync Framework until you have synced all your data, including your backup data and data you shared with others, using v8.1.1 or newer release.

Portable Version

We also offer a portable version for installing on USB thumb drives, or on a folder of the hard drive on your computer. The portable version is especially useful if you are on the go, or can't install software on your computer.

Follow these simple steps to get the portable version running:

  1. Click here to download the zip file that contains all files needed to run the software
  2. Unblock the downloaded zip file (see screenshot below)
    • Open Windows File Explorer, and use it to locate the downloaded zip file
    • Right click the zip file, and then select Properties
    • Check the Unblock checkbox on the General tab, and then click the Apply button
  3. Extract all files in the zip file to a fodler on your USB drive or hard drive
  4. Double click the file named "mxc.Shell.exe" to launch the software
  5. Optionally, you may create a shortcut to "mxc.Shell.exe" on your desktop and rename it to "iSafeguard"


If you are running Windows 7, be aware that you may need to download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher. The quickest way to find out is to run the software. If it runs then you computer meets the system requirements of running the software. Otherwise click here to download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2.

Limitations for Unregistered Users

For personal use, iSafeguard is free and does not require registration. However unregistered users have the following limitations:

Even though unregistered users can not share data with others, they can receive data shared with them by other registered users.