Data owners can use iSafeguard to backup their data to local disks or in the cloud. Both the contents and the metadata of their data are encrypted. Only the data owners have access to their backup data.

To backup data to a cloud storage and share data with others, you, the data owner, need to have an online account. iSafeguard currently supports Google Drive - that means you will need a Google account if you want to backup your data online and share your data with others securely.

iSafeguard™ for Business (Coming soon...)

One limitation of iSafeguard™ is that it only allows data owners to share data with other Google users. However for small and medium size businesses their users/customers may use different emails from different providers. iSafeguard™ for Business is designed to solve the problem. Stay tuned!

iSafeguard™ for Business is currently in beta release, contact us to become a beta tester.

iSafeguard™ Feature Comparison

Features iSafeguard (Unregistered) iSafeguard (Registered) iSafeguard for Business
Backup data to local storages
Sync data with backup data in local storage
Backup data to cloud storage
Sync data with backup data in cloud storage
Backup large files
Share large files
Share data with other Google users
Sync data across computers
Share data with anyone with an email address

Be aware that iSafeguard™ provides true end-to-end data security - if you lose your profile or the passphrase of your profile you will not be able to get your encrypted data back.